the éclectic gift card

For those wishing to give a gift as elegant as it is durable, éclectic offers a gift card.

Once you have chosen the card amount, our sales associate will take care of the creation of your personal digital wallet. The cardholder is then invited to come in-store to choose and try on the piece that suits him best.

The gift card can be obtained in-store or remotely,
by calling the Paris boutique at +33 (0)1 42 78 00 30
or by writing to

To gift. Or be gifted.

Terms of Use:
- The card is valid 1 year.
- The Gift Card can only be obtained and used at the boutique 8 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris.
- If the product amount exceeds that of the Gift Card, the cardholder will be asked to settle the difference.
- If the amount of the Gift Card exceeds the product amount, the difference will be given in the form of a credit note without reimbursement.
- The cardholder cannot be reimbursed a product if acquired via the Gift Card.