ECLECTICISM: An intellectual method consisting of borrowing from different systems to retain what is most appropriate in each one, and to create a new system with the items borrowed.


What if men could unify the perfect cut with infinite ease of the material? What if they didn’t have to choose between functionality and elegance? Such was the thought process of Franck Malègue, eclectic’s founder. Creative thinker more than a stylist, innovator more than a couturier, Malègue has revamped the jacket in order to renew its place at the heart of the male wardrobe. Available in the boutique/showroom at 8 rue Charlot – Paris 3e,, éclectic jacketsoffer a spirit that unites tradition with innovation. 

L’artisanat. Each piece is hand-made in the brand’s ateliers located in the heart of Veneto, Italy.  Inherent to the cultura sartoriale, the construction of the clothing is the key element in the éclectic collections. Using traditional canvassing  among other artisan savoir-faire, éclectic jackets and coats sport a structure that is at once solid and elegant. The brand uniquely offers a cohesive line of short and fitted jackets, allowing them the freedom to be worn mixed-and-matched.  Here it is all about adapting the jacket to the style of each person. As such, the shapes become more minimal than the standard classic. Because, at éclectic, less is more…

La technologie. The original concept of éclectic consists in adapting innovative textiles to the construction of jackets tailored in an artisan fashion. To accomplish this task, the brand looks to the technical materials from the world of extreme sports, automobiles and military equipment. A veritable re-engineering of the jacket was thus necessary to integrate traditional methods with new fibers, like Cordura® or thermo-regulating microfibers.

For select pieces, éclectic also uses exclusive textiles developed by specialists.  Traditional materials and innovative fibers are fused or juxtaposed, such as in a peacoat that utilizes natural wool as an ultra-performance textile. 

From thermal insulation, weatherproofing, comfort, and resistance, éclectic anticipates the future use of its clothing, thinking first and foremost about the man who will wear it. 

Since April of 2015, éclectic now offers a line of men's bags, artisanally hand-made in Florence, Italy. Similarly to the jackets, each accessory is equipped with stunning features in new generation materials. See the complete collection here